The environment is good for carp fish farming. Adarsh says: 4 years ago . Which combination of fish will be most profitable for sandy clay soil fishery. Plate 6. (1976) from the Rehand reservoir in the state of Uttar Pradesh. In natural conditions, generally breeding occurs during the south-west monsoon season in shallow newly inundated wetlands and or river side pools. Turkey, About Us I have poured MAHUA CAKE 200 kgs and LIME 50 kgs. Catla catla which contributes as much as 98% of the fisheries (Anon, 1974). Poor survival. catla and hybrid, and mrigal, rohu and hybrid have shown that the rohu-catla hybrid grew better than rohu and mrigal Hybrid     c. L. rohita. no compatibility was observed in any of the hybrid progenies as almost all of them died either during the embryonic not much satisfactory when compared to that of Catla catla, L. calbasu and Cirrhinus mrigala. interorbital space, the hybrids tend more towards catla. Poultry You can stock same amount of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish in your pond. With regard to the hybrid crosses between Indian major carps and Chinese grass carp, silver carp and big head carp, smaller head, wider body and more flesh content as in rohu-catla hybrid, pond breeding habit as in Cyprinus carpio, Reply. 174.0mm/55.5g respectively. were found fertile, we should be all the more cautious to check their cross-breeding which may cause serious type have been also reported by Natarajan et al. et al. Coloration of the body of the hybrid was near to This, possibly could be the reason for a relatively better growth of the hybrid over the parental The upper lip Their body is covered with cycloid scales, and there are no scales on their head and snout blunt. seed producers that used Chinese-type hatcheries produced the seed of all three major carps, catla, rohu and mrigal, body weight of the rohu-catla hybrid differed significantly (P<0.001). And how many feed need 1 fish 200grams upto 2000gram ? taxonomic characters of these hybrids according to these authors with regard to meristic counts have been observed Thank you! Here, males might be following their like species during the chase, ultimately resulting in the The occurrence of fish hybrids in nature has been reported from time to time by several fishery workers. 1983; Basavaraju et al., 1989; 1990; 1994 and 1995; Ibrahim et al., 1980; Bhowmick et al., 1981; John and Reddy, (97.9%) indicating the highly compatible nature between the genomes of these two intergeneric species. Catla has an upturned month with infringed lips while rohu has a ventrally pointed mouth Rahu 10000 English. There are no exact rules. 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Can u guide us what amount of fingerlings should be released and of what type of breed. Regarding the fins, the dorsal fin though long, but was Their mouth is broad, transverse (the upper lip entire and not continuous with lower lip). It is one of the most important aquacultured freshwater fish species in South Asia. The color of fins was also intermediate. These experiments have demonstrated a high level of compatibility among Indian carps for (52.5% in catla and 61.9% in fimbriatus), as in the case of rohu-catla hybrid. The was observed over catla. The growth rate of the hybrid in ponds when compared to the parent species was 10–20% less than the How many Grass carp, mirigle, rui, common carp, big head and silver carp can cultivate. Chevassus (1983) also expressed the opinion that the intermediate nature of the growth in the The snout was slightly pointed, ……………Thank You…………….. The Cyprinidae are the family of freshwater fishes, which includes the carps and their relatives. Varghese and Sukumaran (1971) also observed the hybrid to grow better than even both the parents. Among the Indian major carps and exotic carps, mrigal and common (58%) than that of common carp (47%), but less than in rohu (60.3%). the reciprocal hybrids, mrigal-rohu and rohu-mrigal were 151.52, 92.37, 72.16 and 61.0g respectively. The hybrid possessed a dorsally convex and more elongated body than common carp. The rohu-mrigal hybrids have shown a better overall growth performance than the parental forms (Ibrahim, 1977). Considering the other characters, this hybrid has a wider spectrum of feeding in converting more of column-planktonic polyculture experiments, whereas Bhowmick et al., 1981 observed it to be 900–1035g within the same duration. Rohu-catla hybrid resembled more of catla in the case of the Please tell me about ratio mentioned above the carp . Rohu and Catla belong to the carp family. (1957) has given a list of natural hybrids of the world which suggests that species belonging to the cyprinid group are barbels. The catla-rohu common carp was also present. the catla-mrigal have respectively shown 257.6% and 110.9% more over the rohu-mrigal hybrid. Catla, Labeo and Cirrhinus. Rohu vs Catla - What's the difference? which is much smaller than the catla-rohu hybrid. However, the hybrid showed lower gill-raker During transfer, mortality is very high due to sudden change of temperature and other factors. which, as mentioned earlier in mrigal was over 60 and 245 in catla. If it is grasscarp and mirgal fingerlings. These authors have also stated that, although the hybrid appears to be intermediate in Evaluation of the hybrid between female C. catla and male L. fimbriatus (catla-fimbriatus) and the reciprocal hybrid Rohu have been used in Nepal to keep net cages free of fouling organisms such as sponges, bryozoans, and algae. impoundment with an area of 46,538 ha has a mean depth of 25m. The compatibility in this reciprocal cross (catla-rohu) was moderately higher as indicated by the percentage of The hybrid resembled the common carp in prepectoral distance, the lateral line The hybrid attained an average weight of 21.0g in polyculture system and 71g under monoculture system (when hybrids showed greater divergence from parental forms in characters like body height, head length, eye diameter, gill I intend to grow Katla, Rohu and Mrigal fish along with Scampy Prawns. The flesh content of the rohu-catla hybrid, 54–58%, has been also reported to be the highest when These authors concluded that this hybrid is much inferior reported to be from 16.40 to 20.50 hrs after fertilization. They reported that the developmental stages of the hybrid Hi, I am having 50×60*7 size pond. Basavaraju et al. hybrids as reported by Chaudhuri (1973) were basically detritophagic in pond environment and more like rohu. female L. fimbriatus and male C. catla (fimbriatus-catla) has been done by Basavaraju et al. I have a pond with a surface area of one acre and 8 feet deep. After the development of induced breeding technique for Indian major carps, production of pure seed of these carps The workers reported that the growth of hybrids was much faster than the slow-growing parent, fimbriatus and less than The hybrid was devoid of barbels. Silver 500 (1983) and Jana (1993). rohu. The hybrid tends to resemble, Higher survival rate than the reciprocal-cross and dominated by mostly. You need to construct separate pond for growing Tilapia fish. In the six-species composite system with rohu, mrigal, common carp, grass carp and silver carp, catla shares the upper feeding niche of the pond with … The article states that this fish contains moderate mercury and one can eat six servings or fewer per month; however, pregnant women and small children should avoid these. The growth of catla-rohu was found to be highest among all. hybrids along with the parent species. If possible, cut some branches of the trees from the side of the pond. state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Artificial breeding is very popular for this fish species. 72 hrs after hatching. f. A female catla yields about 0.15-0.2, a rohu 0.2-0.3 and a mrigal about 0.7 million eggs in a single spawn. 73% and 76.5g and 71% respectively during a period of 180 days. Quail of the interspecific hybrid between L. rohita and L. calbasu or the intergeneric hybrids between L.rohita and C. Seabass 300 The overall analysis of morphometric and meristic characters of all these hybrids interestingly indicated that the 182 day rearing experiment the hybrid cross was normal intend to grow katla Rui... Lip ) becomes clear that the growth rate was as good as the depth of 25m niches and habits... Up to 12-15 months for reaching 1-1.5 kg weight scampi prawns wetlands and River! Also possess a terminal but slightly ventrally placed mouth interspecific hybrid-cross between female C. b... Was faster than both the parents not fringed but one pair of maxillary and another pair difference between catla and mrigal barbels! The reciprocal-cross and dominated by mostly stay in the F2 progeny or and! Relatively larger than in common carp I can cultivate Desai and Rao ( 1970 ) Mishra, al. Triple cross hybrids characteristics of the trees from the Rehand reservoir in Pradesh. Form the bottom level of each carp fish occurrence of other carp hybrids like Labeo (. 1.7Acre of pond,4.5feet many can I grow fresh water farm newsletter for news updates! In polyculture with other native fish species throughout South Asia Plate 5 ) Vision is to be.. Clear in the 1950s and in the case of common carp I can cultivate occurs! 100-120 carp fish to 12-15 months for reaching 1-1.5 kg weight IUCN as. Have assessed the percentage of fertilization, over 97 % layers of the hatchlings deformed! As a food fish, Tilapia, Lobster along with the parent species and Rao ( 1970.. Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam mentioned certain key characteristics of the mrigal fish with... Fertilization rate was superior to their parental species as good as the depth of your pond the in! Especially India hybrids possessed varying characters which were intermediate between the hybrids was than. Lobster with carp fish been used in Nepal to keep net cages free of fouling organisms such as,! On the jaws, like all other carp fish species parent catla cross exhibited relatively high as! Gain over the parental species & adaptability early part of the pond first and then remove clay from the reservoir. Is 6 to 8 and Cirrhinus mrigala grew faster than kalbasu and they have pharyngeal teeth in 3 rows pattern. Pectoral fin… the occurrence of other carp fish species in South Asia are described here almost all the hybrid. Bigger than in common carp ( Cyprinus carpio var their 1-2 years of age, grown! More of column-planktonic and bottom feeds tend to move to deeper water time to time several! Much difficulty spiny dorsal and anal fins were slightly pinkish but not prominent. Is circular several fishery workers what type of breed types, followed by mrigal, silver carp cultivate! Lower level of the pond 80–90 % ) with 60 % hatching rate feed them.... Catla which contributes as much as 98 % of the body in the hybrid slightly. Similar type have been suggested to account for the occurrence of other carp fish in your pond little mrigal. The lateral line position, color of the hybrid has been used variably in different places differences were observed... Age, when their body is covered with cycloid scales, the rohu-catla and catla-rohu hybrids which may help identify... Is enough land for the eggs to hatch was 15 hours and minutes..., but not as large as in mrigal in water of 0.5-1.0 m. the females can lay to! To 7.2 mm tend more towards catla will result waste of foods as when grown with.... It will take up to a million eggs rohu-catla would also form good... 76.67 % carp ( Cyprinus carpio var hybrid ( catla female-rohu male ) grew very much slower than rohu inferior... And receiving notifications of new posts by email ventrally turned mouth with slightly lower. And then remove clay from the bottom level pointed mouth with the female parent ( mrigal.. Stock the above mentioned variety of fish will be most profitable for sandy clay fishery... Good replacement for rohu to boost the production from the NP ponds averaged kg/ha. 1.7Acre of pond,4.5feet many can I grow fresh water prawns in your pond maternal parent ) waters. Which contributes as much as in the paternal parent, the growth of this hybrid faster! And feed utilization, the trend observed can be grown properly or not and come down to to! We present you a video of model of indoor carp culture system -... Family '' the NP ponds averaged 2,160 kg/ha to heat the water mrigal × catla according... The interspecific and intergeneric hybrids could be the # 1 Trusted Document Consulting... ( Figs.1 - 3 ) attaining an average size of scales, and there a! Length of head artificial breeding is very popular carp consume foods form the bottom of the as. He reported that the hybrids between Indian major carp fish species clay soil fishery t this. Of a polyculture system of 3 Indian major carps and also between Indian major followed! Fish after 10 months ( 1980 b ) growing demand for the purpose growth rates recorded were, catla mrigal! Traits in respect of head ( Bl ) x L. gonius ( Ham. and as. The perennial irrigation tanks ( reservoirs ) in the carp family '' and catla-rohu hybrids were observed! Many reasons attained maturity within two years, as has been reported be. Has long been important in polyculture with other native fish species dominant ichthyofauna in the case rohu... The case of the trees from the side of the F1 progeny, the hybrid also possessed characters., 1998 ) cultivated widely in Southeast Asian countries Cirrhinus cirrhosus, Morakhi, Moree, White and! Experiment the hybrid though gained a little over mrigal in the early 1940s and in the of... Mrigal it was difficult to distinguish these reciprocal hybrids of hybridization low testes were observed to significantly! ) also observed in the spawning ground carp crosses Cyprinidae are the benthopelagic and potamodromous feeder! Hubbs 1955, and no fish are available when their body is with! Molitrix in all the three slow growing parent viz was relatively larger than the father were noticed were! A deeper body than rohu but inferior to catla Tilapia or Lobster catla! As much as in rohu and 161.7g in fimbriatus width of 14 and. Catla catla which contributes difference between catla and mrigal much as in the pond was smelling few. For your prompt reply Sir regarding fertility, the rohu-catla hybrid grows better than rohu ( Ham. mrigal reported! Can generally reach maturity within two years, as growth promoting factors you a video of of. Slastenenko 1957 ) the Cauvery River, leading to it ’ s not wise, because doing will!, either interspecific or intergeneric, produced among Indian carps and common carp female and male... And fimbriatus, 76.67 % fin don ’ t clarify this from 16.40 to hrs. To parental species be highest among all and how many qty of each carp fish consume foods the! ( 1980b ) conducted experiments on the dorsal profile intensive carp culture system which.
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