Machine to Machine communication is used to transmit data between mechanical and electronic devices. Nowadays due to technological transition, M2M applications go beyond monitoring data.

Etisalat M2M Control Center is a sophisticated, cloud-based platform offering unique capabilities that enable you as an enterprise customer to launch, manage, and rapidly scale connected device businesses or deployments.

This platform gives you global visibility into the activity of all your SIMs on the wireless network, but more than that control center enables you to:

  • Drive efficiently and profitability.
  • Empowered with robust self-service tools for provisioning, real-time diagnostics, usage controls and more.
  • Streamline operations and scale faster with a powerful automation engine.
  • Gain strategic insight and manage your business with an unparalleled depth of intelligence.
  • Real time diagnosis.

Get global visibility of your SIM card activities with Etisalat M2M Control Center.

Accelerate your time to market, run your operations more efficiently, and optimize the profitability of your connected device initiatives.

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